Wham Bam, Thank You Mam Lyrics


Wham Bam, Thank You Mam Lyrics

Well she was a lady of charm

A prisoner of songs unsung

She was just a face that took

All her groovin' on his guitar

Hot cars, strange clothes, any ways your mind goes

Wham team, thank you mam

We'll boogie till the rooster crows

Oh yeah

We lived this way for so long

You said babe, never got it on

Oh no no no

Surprise surprise, I thought you ought to know

He chucked her out the door

Without a cent (cent, cent)

Papa said grab your share but don't give a bad smell

Wham team god damn the devil planks

And wants some more yeah yeah

Sha la la la Shang a dorang shang a lang lang

Shang a lang mama, Sing it mama

Say it yes yes

Close your breath and hold your eyes

Turn the corner, a surprise, and there you are

Well, Id like to know why those old freaks

While walkin' through their moves

He seeks to keep you in your stick hole

And bash away your soul...surprise