Understanding Lyrics


Understanding Lyrics

When people ask me what love's all about

There's one thing I can say

Some people believe just what I'm putting down

Understand your troubles away


You got to do this thing we're feeling

You got to know just what I'm meaning

You gotta believe just what I'm handing

Understanding, understanding

Yeah, alright alright

Hey hey

You see I love this life I lead

And I wanna love it with you

But people you don't understand

Just what I'm putting down

There's no more I can do


Yeah, alright, come on

Just don't lose it

Come on children, I wanna hear you one more time


You know what I'm singing about

My baby's gonna care, gonna make it alright

With a little understanding

We can make it through the night, yeah

Baby, baby give me some

You know I got to have some

All you know we need is just a little understanding

You can talk to me baby

Tell me what's on your mind

With a little understanding

Everything will be just fine

[Ad lib to end]