Traffic Lyrics


Traffic Lyrics

Scarlet for the girl

Staving off the tummy wolf

Rumage through the rubbish for a scrummy little tit-bit

Can't afford to nit pick


Pouting for the punters putting on some lipsticky

Wise cracking assholes

Widen cracks in your soul

Wide enough to drive a whole lorry load of turkeys home

To roost, before the roasting traffic jams

And tarmacadam pirates

Soak up all the slack

I can do without that

I can do without it

I can do without all this shit

It really is a pain in the ass

I can do without that

I can do without

I can do without all this

It really is....

Sickened for the man

Minced up in the gristle grinder

Splinters in your pasty and an advert for a panty-liner

Segue to the sarcy DJ chat

Riding on the fortunes of another bodies back

Sorry for myself

Mining for some inspiration

Sucked into the engine purring plunging

Carbon poisins puking carconogenic crap

I can do without that

Depth charge, heart attack,

Jack knife, head on crash,

Pop star, lipstick, metal, feathers

Turkey gibblets

Blocking every pass

Our trusty DJ laughs

'This is for you if you're fowled up in the tail-back'

I can do without that

Macho muck savages exposing their back passages

I can do without

Free-basing Freemasons flexing moral muscle

I can do without.......