Wow There She Goes Lyrics


Wow There She Goes Lyrics

"Wow, There She Goes"

Girl the way you smile

There’s something in your eyes that just drives me wild

Thinking that I would like to spend some time, cause damn you’re fine

Give me butterflies; I try to make a move but I can’t unwind

Sending chills down to my bones when you pass me by

Can’t get you out my mind

There she goes, there she goes

That pretty little thing

If only I could make you mine

Wow, there she goes again

I gotta make her stay

Girl you could be my friend

Or you could be my girlfriend

(Would you be my boyfriend?)

Girl if you want to let me put it on you baby

Baby tell me why, you’re playing with my mind

can’t you read the signs, oh

‘Cause girl you got me paralyzed, hypnotized

Going outta my mind, wish you were my girl