Playground Lyrics


Playground Lyrics

Tonight I´ma win, don´t care where I am

though they won´t let us in, no place makes the party

so let´s all go and do our own thing, just pass it on hey

Crunkheads, funkheads

All ya´ll, won´t you follow me

let me show you my way

Let´s take it to the playground, my world

let´s make this merry go round faster

sing it to me yeah loudly

That´s how I play

I don´t care who you know, no list in the door

I don´t care what you wear, as long as you´re ready

to bring it on can´t go wrong, know that anything goes

tonight my playground is yours

did you see that girl, I like to get down with her

oh my oh my oh my oh my she´s got the moves I like