It's Okay Lyrics


It's Okay Lyrics

I know I ain´t fair to you

Waiting round for me to make up my mind

Know I ain´t being true

When someone else is on my mind

When you say hey it’s cool

Baby, just take your time

But how can I be down with that

When it’s killing me inside

it’s okay I know you’re afraid of falling

it’s okay knowing I’m ‘a lead your heart astray

Knowing that your heart is bout to break

Still you say it’s okay

it’s okay what kinda man would cause you so much pain

Lead you on and leave your heart in pain

Girl you’re bout to make a big mistake

And it ain´t okay

I know it ain´t fair to you

That I can’t be the man that you deserve

Knowing that your love is true

And I can give nothing in return

I really wish you were the one

The one I couldn’t do without

But I never moved on no

‘Cause she’s all I think about

It ain´t okay