Deal With That Lyrics


Deal With That Lyrics

"Deal With That"

Where you been, were you by yourself

oh you don´t recall, do you need some help

I saw you, you were with him

And you told me he was just a friend

So how you gon´ tell me, that you´ve been faithful to me

I loved you, gave you all of me, putted my trust in you oh silly me

Now you tell me you love me, lie lie lie

Tell me how you need me, lie lie lie

Say you can´t live without me, right right right

What you think I´m some kinda fool

What you gonna do without me, rigth rigth right

If you can´t live without me, die die die

What you gon´call your mummy, right right right

Just say it to my face, yeah I cheated on you

Tell me how you gonna deal with that

Tell me how you gonna try to keep it real with that

How you gonna play me I´ma react

Tell me tell me baby baby how you gonna be real with that

Go pack your things, I´ll get the van

Oh no I forgot you got another man

So call him up, tell him you´re all his I pity him

Cause one day, you´ll come home to him

and he´ll ask you, baby where you been

what you gon´ say, what you gon´ do?

I don´t care cause now I´m through with you baby

I used to love you

I would do anything for you

Now it seems our love is past

And everything I said girl I take it all back